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What have we done so far?

Manzar has been able to successfully introduce Kashmiri Cuisine in Bangalore, especially authentic Kashmiri Wazwan, through our FnB vertical ‘Sarposh Foods’ wherein we are promoting and palate-ising, not just the food, but also the overall experience of community eating leading to dialogue and discussion as is prevalent in Kashmir.

What are we doing currently?

We have recently set up a stand-alone restaurant, bakery and tea room in the city, after operating through a cloud kitchen model for over a year. Our flagship centre in Bangalore serves authentic Kashmiri wazwan in a ‘Trami’ as well as à la carte and offers a host of Kashmiri teas and Kehwas served with traditional bread and bakery items.  We deliver across the lengths and breadths of the city besides catering to big and small events and parties.


What do we want to continue doing?

At Sarposh, we intend to ensure Kashmiris across the world can continue eating the food of our cultures, besides using the tradition of gathering together to share a meal and socialize to have more informed conversations around Kashmir, its culture, the challenges the community faces and the aspirations of its people. Our restaurant has been designed as an experience centre, as an ode to everything Kashmiri and we hope to open more such centres across India and the world in the foreseeable future taking Kashmiri cuisine places.

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