What have we done so far?

Through our fashion vertical, ‘Wostekaar – Haute Couture’, we work with master craftsmen on profit sharing models to create high-end couture pieces for our clients across the world. We stand strong in our resolve to generate long term employment opportunities for the community of craftsmen in Kashmir by facilitating skill development and creating sustainable job roles back home.

What are we doing currently?

We are consciously promoting and using handmade products, right from the fabrics to the embroideries and embellishments. All pieces produced by us are couture and hence cater to a specific segment of people who intend to promote sustainability and art together. Our clientele includes but is not limited to conscious buyers, collectors and art connoisseurs from across the world, who are looking at a unique addition to their collection that is an ode to the rich cultural heritage of Kashmir. We also cater to brides looking at owing a unique trousseau that they can cherish for generations.

What do we want to continue doing?

In our endeavour to revive the slowly dying Kashmiri fashion and Kashmir art and craft industries, we strive to not only make these products available worldwide but to also alter the design philosophies to appeal to today’s markets without compromising on the basics of the craft itself. At  Wostekaar, we intend to make Kashmir crafts the centre stage of all designs that are created under our label, creating a sustainable business model for the kaarigars involved.

We are also working on a model to provide a platform and training to budding youngsters in playing traditional Kashmiri instruments alongside working on building a mentorship model which will connect young impressionable Kashmiri children with master craftsmen and artisans of Kashmir to learn our dying crafts at a young age and ensure long term sustainability for the same.