What have we done so far?

Our flagship event, Koshur Saal in Bengaluru was a resounding success which brought over 700 people together for an evening of fun, culture, community and tradition and established itself as a premier event for Kashmiri people living outside Kashmir, but its scope in no way is limited to the same.  It was a testament true to the values of Kashmiriyat and is an important aspect of how Manzar intends to move closer to its vision.

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What are we doing currently?

We are in the process of ideating new seasons of Koshur Saal in different cities which will see more of young Kashmiri artists who compose original and conscious content, on stage. We are constantly striving to support young talented Kashmirs who have taken up playing traditional instruments like the Santoor, Rabab, and Nout by providing them with a platform at our events.

What do we want to continue doing?

We hope to continue doing meaningful gatherings for Kashmiris and Non – Kashmiris that help bridge the communication gap between the two that leads to a more empathetic understanding of each other. Besides its unabated scope for growth, Koshur Saal also looks forward to taking ahead event management as­signments in the near future, with enquiries already pouring in. The scope, right from organising food festivals to planning and executing Kashmiri weddings of families living outside Kashmir yearning for a touch of home in their celebrations, is unlimited and we intend to explore each opportunity with gusto.